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The Team
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Welcome To Habbod


The Habbod Team Built This Site To EnterTain And Help Any New Or Troubled Habbos For The HabboHotel Uk Site.....

Past Few Weeks
Their Has Been a few new things on the hotel like...the dragon witch was popular for a bit but now its rare to find someone thats wants one.....also the rollers witch are still doin good even though there in the cataloge.
A Few Weeks ago one of the habbod team was scammed by his very best friend. He was scammed 1 throne and 2 hcs witch you will find its quite a lot.
New Rooms
B.rabbit01  New Casino
Vapours.    New Rare Shop
If you wqant to find any of these rooms just search the owners names
If You want your room to be advertized on this web page contact one of the team members.